Team Culture
How Do We Stay
At Purpose/Built, we want to be on top of our game in strategizing, ideation and execution. These are the mantras we live by, practice and merge into our daily work routines to help us stay creative.
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Early Larks or
Night Owls?
The Early-Late Debate and How
does it affect your creativity, really?
Everyone has their own prime time of day, you should choose the hours when your focus and energy is at its highest and distractions are minimal. Whether you’re a lark or an owl, there are numerous advantages of being either.
60% of us at PB fall into the early risers category and 40% prefer to burn the midnight oil.
60% 40%
Stand Up, Stretch, Take a Walk
Did you know that walking awakens creative thinking? Studies have proven that walking boosts creative output by 60%.
Located right in the heart of the city, we sure love taking a stroll to ease the tired mind, snack hunting or grabbing that boba, all conveniently within walking distance. Creativity is stimulated by walking because the activity requires the simultaneous use of multiple parts of the brain to coordinate the movements and to maintain balance while we walk. Take a walk outside and stop pacing in your mind.
Never Quit Your
Creativity level at 20% and gradually decreasing? Take a moment to look outside and observe your surroundings. What do you see
Windows are gateways to the human mind! Let yourself daydream. We at Purpose Built are blessed to have huge windows and situated on a high floor, we are able to look down at the hustle and bustle below; people walking, moving cars, birds flying by and everything else in between, except in meeting rooms, that’s when we’re putting actions to out vision.
Daydreaming trains your mind to expand even farther through introspection, curiosity, symbolism, and imagination.
Oh, hey it’s
Monday is a day of new beginnings. In our collaborative working space, Mondays are for TGIM. For us at Purpose Built, we practice #reflectiveMondays.
How does it work? We begin the week with a reflection sharing session of what made you happy and sad the week before (Off work includes!). By practising this and opening up on our transparency, we share across experiences, interactions or how we handled situations the past week help us grow as an individual and also as a team.
Reflection can be an empowering process, and it takes no more than five minutes.
“Someday” is today,
there will never be a Maybe
Sometimes, you aren’t able to execute or tackle certain things you wish to do because of the lack of resources or inappropriate timing.
If you can’t achieve it now, create a “Someday List” and set a date or month to achieve it! Our someday list is set to be achieved this year, without excuses because a vision without action is a daydream.
What would you like to achieve someday?

Will this work, What do you think?
Team, Assemble. Collaborating is in our nature. We live by internal brainstorming weekly to prepare ourselves for upcoming projects and to gather more insights, it’s all about perspective.
Group discussions often craft an enjoyable group experience as it brings to light everyone’s unique perspectives and voices. We gather collective ideas, combine them and turn them into amazing and creative strategy and then we do it again and again!
Whether it’s the idea we ponder, the visuals we craft, the mechanics we master, we live and breathe to create.
We, Purpose/Built are a team of crafters and storytellers, but we can’t craft and execute a compelling story without everyone doing their part. Collaboration, participation and teamwork are essential to us to get the job done.