HILOGIC Malaysia & Australia CASE STUDY
HILOGIC Malaysia & Australia
HiLogic is a training, coaching and advisory services organization, established in Australia in 2002 and expanded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 2008, HiLogic is now one of the regions leading accredited PRINCE2 Training specialists. Purpose/Built has been working alongside HiLogic to elevate their digital presence from Logo Design, HiLogic Malaysia and HiLogic Australia, and the enhancement of their class enrolment system all holistically aligning the website look and feel their brand values from the colors, imagery, and fonts were all intentionally curated to reflect the focus of their business. The execution of the process went throughout the year in phases to achieve and maintaining the consistency of the overall long-term goal.
As an educational organization that works with professional clients, HiLogic wanted to strengthen their branding and provide a more concise user experience especially for the enrolment of their offerings. The main focus was to ensure that the classes would be easily browsed and enrolled on multiple platforms, precisely on mobile. Besides that, localisation of the respective regions was also needed to be implemented.
The development of the website functionality includes a feature to generate a QR Code at their classroom training, in which each of their attendees would be then able to fill an online survey directly from their mobile phone. These survey will then be tabulate and sent to the trainers after administration process on the feedback of the session. Also, within the survey form, we implemented a strategic marketing feature whereas the attendees interest will be accumulated that links to an automated push email that would be sent to the attendees.

In addition, localisation to appeal to the local market was strategies by using representational visuals and colours to differentiate the respective country. For instance, the usage of Mount Kota Kinabalu visuals was used for the Malaysia website as it is a symbolic representation that any local would familiarise, similarly for the Australian market, the usage of Harbours represent the local appearance accordingly. This set the tonality of the websites for their desired target audience.

The elevated website has shown to bring more traffic and enrolment directly, and the automation of survey form has assisted HiLogic team to further understand their audience consequently propose a more idea classes package.
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