Melissa Soliano
2 mins read   |   06 Apr 2020

Best Practices to Boost User Experience


User Experience or commonly known as UX is the design process that provides a significant website experience to users. This would involve the process of displaying services or products unto the website, understanding the navigation against the ease of use and functionalities of a website. UX is an essential process in all website design as it aims to provide users not only a deciding solution to their needs but more importantly to consider their behavior in navigating the website from one page to another thus leads to a deciding factor in purchase or inquiry of their services/products. A positive user experience keeps users loyal to the brand or business.


In short, it’s about how we can make the experience of the visitors as meaningful and valuable as possible.

A good user experience would mean that:

  1. the user visited your website,
  2. scrolled through the different pages,
  3. understood what the website is all about, and
  4. finally, got what they wanted.

There are dozens of variables when it comes to optimizing user experience. From market research to usability evaluation and from user interface design to accessibility, there’s a lot that goes into this. Here are some tactics that you can start out to improve the user experience of your website:

1. Make use of conventions
2. Maintain visual and typographic hierarchies
3. Using Sans-Serif font for better readability
4. Remove needless copy
5. Use a straight to the point navigation

Q: What’s a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of?
A: What a feeling it was, to see one of the works I was a part of be displayed on digital billboards around the city.
Q: What’s your productivity trick? What energises you at work?
A: A cup of 3 in 1 Tenom Tea.
Q: What are you passionate about off work?
A: CrossFit and Music
Q: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
A: That i use to dance and was a leader of a dance crew during high school days.
Q: What’s one thing you’re learning now, and why is it important?
A: I am learning that building client relationship is essential as it is the foundation of any current or future projects. As we strive upon earning the client's trust, in return they reciprocate thus, ensuring an even higher quality work and the ability to complete projects efficiently from both parties.
Q: What’s the best advice you were ever given?
A: To not take things to heart; to take in the good and make them lessons, leave the bad.