Integrated Digital Campaign Boosting A Global Virtual Conference
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LEARNTech Asia is a professional interdisciplinary conference platform founded in Singapore with secretariat offices in Singapore and Malaysia. LEARNTech Asia organizes an annual in-person conference with attendees from across Asia to learn from renowned speakers from global industry leaders, interacting and sharing the latest knowledge and best practices. However this year due to COVID-19 pandemic taking a toll affecting every industry, it was decided cohesively to move their event online for its first-ever virtual conference.
In response to the changing landscape of teaching and learning challenges in Asia, LEARNTech Asia Conference 2020 titled as “Asia’s Response to COVID-19 Emergencies Measures, Solutions and Opportunities” aimed to provide up-to-date insights to support the learning sector. The event analyses and provided concrete solutions to the shifts in the education and training paradigm by calling upon world experts Dr. Albert Sangra Morer, Dr. Yao Haogen, Andreas Schleicher, Prof. Cheng Yin Cheong and many respectable industry leaders to provide insights on immediate scalable solutions and tangible strategies to grasp long-term opportunities.
Purpose/Built was approached to strategize a solution to raise awareness about the virtual conference, gain sign-ups from their existing audience and engage with a wider audience in the digital atmosphere. The project was put in motion in April with solutions comprising:
  • Website Development
  • Content Development (Including Articles and Videos)
  • Social Media Content Development and Management (LinkedIn and Facebook)
  • Email Development and Management
  • PPC Advertising
With only two month to execute before the day of the conference, an integrated marketing plan was put into place to raise awareness and encourage LEARNTech Asia past attendees and those within the education industry to attend. The website was launched within the month with details and countdown of the conference with the main functionality drive for attendees to register their interest, there were two passes available for the signees which are the free pass allowing access to unlimited access to live-keynote sessions and the all-access pass that give access to the conference at their own pace should they missed any live-presentations.
Supporting content writing was added periodically with articles covering related topics from ‘Making the Shift: Adapting to a Virtual Learning Environment’ to ‘The New Normal: What’s Next For Education After COVID-19?’ further increased the optimization of the website bringing in weekly readers to the insights. Additionally, promotional videos announcing the conference was created to drive registration. The 4-digestible videos captured the highlight of the past conference held and details of the upcoming conference. The content of the promotional video was posted and shared throughout LEARNTech Asia’s social media account in Facebook and LinkedIn respectively including on the website driving in traffic and views in all platforms cohesively.
page views weekly
average time on the website
Social media platform Facebook and Linkedin strategy was launched from April to engage with the community on insights and foster interest leading to the conference. Posting was published 2x a week to ensure consistency and keeping the communication going. Both platforms had a different strategy communication and monitored on the engagement of the post, the hashtag #LEARNTechAsia2020 was also used to track mentions from speakers that would be presenting on the day of the event.
average weekly page like
average weekly post engagement
average weekly video views
The activation of email marketing campaign started in May to attract registrants, encouraging the sale of All-Access passes and providing additional insights of the event. Invitation email was sent to the past attendees of the conference and weekly emails were sent out as a reminder countdown. The email with the most engagement was of ‘Great to have you on-board for LEARNTECH Asia 2020!’ and ‘It’s here- LEARNTech Asia Virtual Conference 2020 Speaker Line-Up’ giving insights to the How-To view of the livestream on the day of the conference and the speakers timetable.
average weekly
average weekly
The 2-day of live content was streamed through the platform ZOOM, where participants were able to register their details both before the event and on the day. Over 1000 attendees ultimately joined the virtual event on both days, nearly three times the attendance they originally expected. Attendees that opted for All-Access pass also received an automated post-event email with recordings of the keynotes, panel discussions and additional content offerings.
total registrants signed-up for the conference
total registrants attended the conference virtually
spend more than 4-hours or more at the live event
By pivoting to virtual, the conference successfully delivered a fully branded and immersive experience for their attendees. Many who attended virtually this year will attend in-person next year.
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