Rebranding to
Convey a
Towards a
Sustainable Future
TRIREC is an investment holding company concentrated on renewable energy and clean technology projects focused primarily in Asia Pacific and North America. Based in Singapore, the multi-disciplinary professional team partners with exceptional entrepreneurs while contributing to a healthier planet and stronger communities. At the heart of TRIREC’s story is a culture of opportunity and entrepreneurial drive. Alongside their company vision to on powering big ideas of today for a better and more sustainable tomorrow, TRIREC goal is to uplift their brand image and enhance their identity across all assets.
TRIREC initial branding originally created by the co-founders throughout the early stages of the company. Therefore, corresponding to the growth of the company, the founders of TRIREC were looking for a partner that reflects strongly on the core message of the brand. As the project involved understanding the brand perspective, refreshing the brand identity and the need to roll out the transformed brand across all branded assets, the project was divided into phases that will accomplish the main goal.
The plan of action commenced with a Stakeholders Engagement series of proprietary workshops to scope the requirements and understand deeper about TRIREC brand history, existing brand image and the future vision and mission of the brand. Communication between both parties were done mainly virtually throughout the process through online platforms for any project communications including feedback and approvals. After analysing the collected information and identified the brand pillars, Purpose/Built then worked on the development of the project. Implementation of the transition strategies started with the defining the logo and the approach of modernising the visual identity while ensuring the brand foundation is reflected was applied.
The TRIREC logo was designed to embody the values and personality traits that defined the brand including strategic keywords: RENEWABLES/ ENVIRONMENTAL/ CLEANTECH. This is to ensure that the identity highlights on the brand social focus of solving the world’s environmental challenges and improving lives through productive investments in sustainability.
The TRIREC identity requirements included design and printing for their new and dynamic business card layout. The result was fitting to the new brand image that conveyed the brand authentic brand personality. We also helped to ensure that the final product was responsibly sourced, environmentally friendly and therefore made with 100% recycled paper.
The TRIREC website was designed to be engaging and fully embodying the brand with an optimal amount of information. The architecture of the website lies heavily into ensure the communication is clear about who the brand is and the brand offerings. Each pages unfolds a narrative through visuals that is parallel to the copy. Minimalistic approach was applied throughout allowing the ease of navigation for any interested party to decipher.
The TRIREC digital signatures provide the added assurances of identity with the growth of their internal team. We identified the development required by developing a digital signature generator that allowed the growing team at TRIREC to have a consistent visual communication internal and externally. Roll-out was initiated and completed for existing employees and on-boarding employees are fully optimised the deliverables.
How We Helped
  • Brand Rebranding
  • Logo Design
  • Website Development
  • Digital Signature Development
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