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Advance Engineering Manufacturer Malaysia
AEM (Advance Engineering Manufacturer Sdn Bhd) has more than 30 years of expertise in the lift industry. They specialize in fabrication of lift and escalator parts and finishes. They have modified and fabricated over 100.000 doors for major lift companies in Malaysia and they have also been awarded the MIDE Pioneer Status in 1998.
"With the ever growing demand for lift manufacturing for new and existing establishments, it is crucial to keep track of maintenance and upkeep of lifts so that it abides with the safety requirements."
Safety is an important aspect when it comes to lift manufacturing and are often taken too lightly. AEM has approached us for a solution to monitor maintenance and track records in a more efficient way. We have also enhanced their corporate profile to strengthen their position as one of Malaysia’s top lift manufacturers.

We have created a QR Code system for AEM. The QR (Quick Response) Code functions just like a barcode that when scanned using a mobile phone, is able to bring users to a website or a specific landing page.
It is a simple implementation process and user-friendly. The QR Code enables officers to scan the code, login in with their details and track maintenance records where as for the public, they are able to scan in order to submit reports and check when the lifts have been serviced.
As technology is constantly evolving, it is essential for us as users of technology to also be updated with the latest upgrades and development. The usual ordeal to track maintenance records are through physically filling and signing in record books, and if lifts were to be out of order, the means to submit a report would be to email or call the hotline number provided.

The goal was to create a platform that would assist our client to track their manufacturing records and maintenance (for internal use) as well as submit reports (external use) that is efficient, easy to use and dependable. We have created a QR Code together with a mobile application to aid their situation.

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