Erra Fazira
3 min read   |   18 May 2020

The State of Email Marketing and Strategies to Increase Effectiveness

Email certainly remains one of the best ways to promote all your other marketing strategies as it gives you a direct line of communication with your audience. By 2022, Radicati estimates that 4.25 billion email users will maintain 1.86 email accounts on average.

Since Email gives you unrestricted access to your subscribers’ behavior, you will need to learn more about their interests and habits to create targeted campaigns. Why? Simply because moving forward, personalization is the ultimate key to engaging with your audience, it helps you maintain an even more personal connection, no matter how big your audience is. 

Increase your Email Marketing Strategy Personalisation with the following: 

1. Segmentation of Your Email List 

The best way to improve personalisation is through email list segmentation. Although this can be challenging, creating different segmented lists allows you to then develop content for each target audience you want to reach. Different contacts need different messages depending on factors of interest. The first step is to collect relevant data about your subscribers to segment them into relevant email lists and ensure the contact quality.  The first step to do this can be achieved through your newsletter sign up forms. This will be the ideal time to ask your potential subscribers on their age, gender, profession, geographical location, interest, etc. 

2. Individualised Email Content 

Now that you have segmented email lists in place, start thinking about how you can make your emails more personalized. By individualising each message, you are showing your audience on how much you are paying attention to them 1:1. According to Aleks Peterson, “If you call [your prospects] by name, speak to their pain points, objectives, challenges, hesitations, and role responsibilities at the right time and place, you will see a return.”

3. Responsive Email Design 

In the age of mobile-first, responsive email design is vital for engagement. If a reader is not able to view the appearance of your email in the most convenient and appealing way, it is more likely that they will click out as quick. A responsive and adaptive email design on multiple platforms is important relevancy and interaction, understand deeper on the devices that your reader is using making sure they are able to view it well, from font size, buttons, email length, and most importantly content fluidity. 

4. Individualized Landing Pages 

A call to action within an email to your landing page is a powerful tool to drive traffic to your site. However, the landing pages should relate directly to the content of your email as well as cross interest on the specific segmented email list. Entice the reader from email to a landing page through engaging content and imagery and always ensure that the landing page matches the email message. 

5. Social Media Integration

Include your social media buttons to drive more traffic to your social channels as well as your website. Additionally, you can also upload your subscribers' list from your Email to your Social Channels, allowing your audience to connect with you on multiple platforms. Your active Email Subscribers can also be used to target social ads for further engagement. 

Key Takeaways

We believe that Email personalization lies at the heart of every successful email campaign, with the rise of abundance content and the average daily email that we receive, as readers ourselves, it is much more warming to feel listened and valued. Email personalization can seem challenging to implement however there are tools of assistance to alleviate the pain points and make the process of email personalization easier. If you need assistance upon setting up your Email Personalisation Strategy to your Marketing Campaign, feel free to drop us an email at engage@purpose-built.com.my  


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A: What a feeling it was, to see one of the works I was a part of be displayed on digital billboards around the city.
Q: What’s your productivity trick? What energises you at work?
A: A cup of 3 in 1 Tenom Tea.
Q: What are you passionate about off work?
A: CrossFit and Music
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A: That i use to dance and was a leader of a dance crew during high school days.
Q: What’s one thing you’re learning now, and why is it important?
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